Ian Boxall On the Number of the Beast

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Boxall, Ian Boxall_Ian_012.JPG 102ND800 Ed Pfueller 9/19/13I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ian Boxall in 2009 when he was at Staggers, and he referenced a BBC series called Bible Mysteries from 2003. I never watched it and it turned out it never made it online, at least in whole.

Mark Goodacre found a copy and uploaded a segment of Dr. Boxall – now at Catholic U – giving an introductory explanation of how the number of the beast works in Revelation. Most interestingly, he explains the “other number of the beast,” 616, with some highlights of the Oxyrhynchus fragments of Revelation published in 1999.

Read it all.


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Roman Catholic priest of the Ordinariate. Selections or essays from others, with or without comment, is not necessarily an endorsement.

One thought on “Ian Boxall On the Number of the Beast

  1. I have seen this said before, but every dating of Revelation dating of Revelation I have heard of was either just before the Temple was destroyed ~AD 70, or about AD 100 shortly before the Prophet died. Was John just alluding to forced pagan worship coming which caused Christian to be martyred later on? I would be suspicious of a number that has little support in early Christian writings and is mostly supported by fragments and papyrus from the trash! Regardless, could it be that 666 is not even a number of a person necessarily, but “a number of humanity”? I have seen some try to argue 666 is vav, vav, vav (which actually is 6+6+6=18) to argue the internet is the “mark of the Beast” 😀

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